The company


A3D has been a leader in BIM digitalisation for projects going back over more than 15 years. We started out as BIM pioneers in Spain and now undertake projects for clients all over the world.
This is who we are.


Our passion for standardisation brings us utmost control over each project’s timescales and quality..


Our helpline is always available for quick and straightforward service.

Financially sound

We have always turned a profit and have never needed external funding or investment.


We are a formally incorporated company and all our staff are in-house.


The beginning

Before the advent of Revit Autodesk in Spain, Razvan Gheorghiu (future A3D CEO) starts to explore the software’s possibilities and becomes a BIM pioneer in Spain.

Revit in Spain

Razvan conducts market research for the localisation
of Revit in Spain which is officially available for the first time in the Spanish market.

First BIM implementation

World-renowned architectural firm IDOM develops
San Mamés football stadium in Bilbao with Razvan’s BIM consultancy input.

The A3D community emerges
A3D sets up the largest Revit user forum in Spain which answers the questions of the first people to take an interest in BIM methodology and builds the synergies needed to establish A3D.
Future partners
Partners Josep Albín and Mihai Brencea join A3D to enhance the company’s marketing and technical vision.
A3D cements its BIM implementation strategy in the leading architectural and engineering firms (b720, PineArq, BiR, PGI, JG Ingenieros, BIS).
A3D Consulting Integrated BIM Solutions S.L. is incorporated and its first brick-and-mortar office is opened on the outskirts of Barcelona, a small 50 m2 unit staffed by eight people.
Impact on the pharmaceutical industry
A3D develops a pharmaceutical plant entirely in BIM for the American market and discovers the pharmaceutical industry is a propitious setting for its growth.
A3D builds up its position as a leading BIM consultancy firm in the construction industry, with special emphasis on facilities, and moves to a 200 m2 office space.
BIM Partner
A number of businesses entrust part of their production department to A3D, turning it into a long-term BIM partner working on projects such as one of Barcelona’s most famous football grounds.
Continuous improvement
A3D rolls out several internal improvement processes including integrated BIM project management and expanding its BIM content department.
Four business areas

A3D’s service portfolio is divided into four business areas (Pharma, Industrial, Real Estate and BIM support) while the company gets ready for a fresh move to larger offices.

We deliver integrated support and project development